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The College Library serves as a vital resource center, supporting the academic pursuits of students and faculty alike. It is a dynamic learning hub that empowers its users with the resources and support they need to excel academically. Through the integration of advanced digital facilities and a commitment to providing comprehensive e-resources, the library stands as a testament to the institution’s dedication to fostering a thriving academic community. Built in a spacious hall with a carpet area of 1574 sq. Feet, it provides a conducive environment for students to study and conduct research in its quiet ambience. Operating during convenient hours, the library accommodates the diverse schedules of students, providing access to its wealth of knowledge during weekdays.

Automated Library Management System 

The college library is fully automated with the application of INFLIBNET, SOUL, 3.0 since 2016. The college library is a hub of knowledge and learning, housing a diverse collection of books, journals, and multimedia resources. 

E-Resources and Journal Subscriptions

The library's extensive collection of 32090 books are meticulously arranged, following a systematic classification system, making it effortless for users to locate specific books or resources. In addition, the library provides access to both English and Hindi newspapers, fostering a multilingual reading environment. 

Recognizing the pivotal role of digital resources in contemporary education, the library boasts a robust collection of e-resources and journal subscriptions. The subscriptions are carefully curated to ensure that students and faculty have access to the latest research, case studies, and scholarly articles. 

Optimal Utilization by Faculty and Students

The library’s facilities are designed to foster a culture of reading, research, and academic engagement. Faculty members and students frequently utilize the library’s resources to enhance their materials and stay updated with recent advancements in their fields. Collaborative space within the library provides an ideal setting for group studies, discussions, and seminars, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The  library is extensively used by the students. Per day usage of the library in the last session 2022-23 was 300 users which was more than 25% of the total strength.

Additional Facilities and Services:

Study Zones: Quiet study areas and collaborative zones cater to different learning preferences, providing conducive environments for both solitary study and group work.

Computer Workstations: Equipped with high-speed internet and essential software, six computer workstations support research, assignments, and other academic activities.

Printing and Scanning Services: Convenient on-site facilities for printing, scanning, and photocopying ensure that students and faculty can easily manage their document needs.

 Resource Reservation: The barcode scanner  enables users to reserve books and materials in advance, ensuring they have access to the resources they need when they need them.

 Assistance: Dedicated library staff are available to assist with research queries, helping users navigate complex databases and find the information they require.

 Generator facility:  To address power concerns, a generator facility ensures uninterrupted access to resources, emphasizing the commitment to a seamless learning experience. 

CCTV Security:  The presence of CCTVs ensures a secure environment, promoting safety within the library premises. 

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