Mission & Vision


  1. To provide affordable education to all concerned and eligible.
  2. To focus on education of girls, weaker sections, marginalised classes and rural youth specially.
  3. To make every student employable through holistic education and development of right skills.
  4. To upgrade existing physical infrastructure by optimum utilization of available resources.
  5. Endeavour to maintain a ―centre of academic excellence status.
  6. To inculcate values social, moral and ethical to have a universal vision of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam.
  7. To prepare a healthy and disciplined lot both physically and intellectually.
The institution has been catering to the needs of society by producing human resources empowered with scientific skills blended with ethical values. The institution is earnestly endeavoring for the overall development of the student, by producing responsible citizens with graduate attributes. Academic pursuits along with physical, mental and moral growth of students are the forte of our institution, thus preparing the students to face successfully the challenges of changing social scenario and for the progress and prosperity of the nation.


The vision of the premier institute in an educationally backward region (declared by UGC): as envisaged by the Higher Education Department, Haryana, also, is to provide Accessible, Affordable, Equitable, Inclusive and Quality Education for all qualified (meritorious) rural youth. The institute inculcates all graduate attributes i.e. Positive Thinking, Punctuality, Desire to learn, Leadership, Ethical and moral values and Willingness to admit mistakes – with the help of easily understandable language blended with modern teaching learning techniques.