The College Library is fully upgraded and enhanced in its required infrastructure, As far as facilities in library are concerned, adequare seating arrangement for the students as well as staff has been made. For the purpose of reading, enough space has been provided in the library itself. Further, the library has purchased computer software called SOUL 2.0 under INFLIBNET whose centre is in Gandhi Nagar under central govt. The library has also bought N-LIST which allows free access to research journals and other research related stuff. Students are encourage to read Newspaper, e-books and e-journals. For accessing data the students and staff will be given and I.D. and password and by using these, the user will be able to search the required information. Under N-LIST, the library has around 6000 e-journals and 100000 e-books for the students and staff. Apart from these, the library shelves 29626 books including book bank and reference books.

Borrowing Facility (Books)

Category Entitlement Duration Penalty
Students (U.G. &P.G.) 2 books 15 days Rs. 1 per day per book
Students book bank for full semester Rs. 1 per day per book
Whole time Professor 10 books 30 days Rs. 1 per day per book
Temporary Professor 5 books 30 days Rs. 1 per day per book
Non teaching Staff 5 books 30 days Rs. 1 per day per book

Library Rules & Regulations

  1. Library / Identity card is must for all library transactions. Library cards are non-transferable.
  2. Members are allowed to use reading room for reading purposes on submission of their reading cards.
  3. The members have close access to the library. Members have to keep their bags (excluding purse & mobile) in the baggage counter.
  4. The library reading area should be used only for reference and consultation of resource materials.
  5. The Students may borrow books for 15 days and may renew the same for additional 15 days.
  6. Loss of library cards should be reported immediately to the authority.
  7. Users should fully cooperate with the library staff. In case of any need they should meet the Librarian.
  8. Readers are liable to pay fine and / or punishment if they misuse / damage any books or journals.
  9. Ex-Students and Visitors can ftavail reading facility by taking special permission from the Principal of the college.
  10. Users are requested to maintain silence in the library.
  11. Usage of mobile phone is prohibited.
  12. The Librarian may change any working days and hours if necessary.
  13. The persistent defaulters of various library rules will have their library services suspended.

Rekha Kohli
S.D. Mahila Mahavidyalya. Narwana
Phone: 01684242161


The college magzine, “Kanak Prabha” helps the students to exhibit their talents and hone their skills to perfection. In fact, young talent finds its first exposure through this medium. Students who join the magazine committe get extensive practical experience in applied journalism by searching,writting and presenting articles on various topics of interest to them.The feed back and recognition thus gained,provides the valuable motivation required for students to experiment with their talents with greater confidence and prepare them for successful future.