Sports and Games

  1. Foot Ball
  2. Hand Ball
  3. Kabaddi
  4. Kho-Kho
  5. Athletics
  6. Boxing
  7. Wrestling

The facilities for these sports activities are available and students round the year do their practice. The sports calendar is decided by affiliating university Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and accordingly the college becomes the venue for different sports tournaments of Inter college and university level. The participation and achievements of students in various events have been given as under –

Handball :-

Participants selected for IPL(Handball) held at Bangladesh from 3rd to 12th June, 2015

Name                                                Class
Neeraj                                               B.A IIIrd
Manjeet                                             B.A 1st
Shilpa                                                B.A 2nd

Prachi (Roll No. 473) and Mamta (Roll No. 470) of our college got selected for junior national handball championship held at Sangrur from 28th oct. to 2nd Nov., 2015 they got 1st position.

4 students(Rimpi, Kajal, Shilpa and Mamta) got selected for Senior National camp from 5th to 15th Nov., 2015 and got 1st position in handball championship.

The students of our college participated in Senior National Handball championship held at Maharashtra from 17th to 22nd Nov, 2015 and the team got 1st position.

Our seven students got selected for senior state level handball championship held at Danoda from 28th to 30th Nov, 2015 and got 1st position.

Our Eight students got selected for Inter University camp held at K.U.K  on 13th Dec, 2015.

Six students participated in All India handball Inter university competition held at Varanasi.

The college team participated in Inter college handball championship held at S.D.M.M.V, Narwana from 4th to 6th Jan, 2016 and got 1st position.

Three girls (Rimpy, Anumit and Shilpa) got selected for Indian team for South Asian Games held at Guwahati from 6th to 17th feb, 2016 and won gold medal for the team.


 Senior state Boxing championship was held at Rohtak from 11th sep. To 15th Sep. 2015. The players who got position are as under:-

Name                             Roll No.               Position

Reenu                              410                       2nd

Hema                             466                       3rd

The college participated in Sub. Junior state Boxing Championship at Yamunanagar.

The college team participated in Inter collegiate Boxing (Women) championship held at K.U.K from 5th to 9th Oct., 2015 and got 3rd prize.


4 students (Rekha, Neelam, Kinnu and Sonia) got selected for Inter university camp(2015) held at K.U.K from 14th Oct. To 10th Nov. 2015.

Rekha(Roll No. 268) got 1st position in All India Inter university championship held at K.U.K University from 16th Nov to 24th Nov,2015



The college team participated in Inter college Kabaddi national Style(women) championship held at A.K.M. College, Mor majra from 21th Sep. To 24th Sep., 2015. The team got 1st position.

Five students also got selected for Inter University camp held at K.U.K from 29th sep. to 1 nov,2015.

Name                    Roll No.
Anju                     597
Sakshi                  596
Anju                     599
Ritu                     271
Priyanka               598

4 students (Sakshi, Priyanka, Anju and Anju) got selected for Inter University championship held at Fatehgarh Sahib from 3rd to 6th Nov.,2015 and got 2nd Position in North zone.

Sakshi and Anju got selected for Senior National Kabaddi camp. 18th to 21th Nov., 2015.

The team stood 2nd in  Senior National Kabaddi championship held at Banglore from 24th to 29th  Nov., 2015.

Sakshi(Roll No. 596) participated in South Asian Games held at Guwahati from 6th to 17th feb, 2016 and won gold medal for the team.

Circle Kabaddi

Our college organised Circle kabaddi Inter college championship from 27th to 29th Jan, 2016 the college team got 2nd position.


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