Sports and Games

  1. Foot Ball
  2. Hand Ball
  3. Kabaddi (NS Kabbadi and CS Kabbadi)
  4. Kho-Kho
  5. Athletics(Track 200mtr.)
  6. Boxing
  7. Wrestling
  8. Judo

The facilities for these sports activities are available and students round the year do their practice. The sports calendar is decided by affiliating university Ch. Ranbir Singh University, Jind and accordingly the college becomes the venue for different sports tournaments of Inter college and university level. The participation and achievements of students in various events have been given as under –

Advertising in sports (2019-2020)
1. Over trophy in sports goes to s.d.m.m.v narwana in session 2018-2019.
2. Overall trophy in sports will also goes to s.d.m.m.v narwana in session 2019-2020 (as we have 43 points in all)
3. We have 9 internation players in our college
name game
sakshi Kabaddi
karmi kabaddi
suman Kabaddi
prachi Handball
Monika Handball
Sonika Handball
Kajal Handball
Darshan Handball
sushma Handball

4. 1st position in 13th south asian games championship of kabaddi held at 4th to 9th dec 2019 kathmandu,Nepal.
5. 3rd khelo india youth games 2020 guwahti assam
(9 jan to 13 jan 2020) muskan malik was captain of hry team.
6. We got 1st position in following games in inter college
 Cross country held at c.r.s.u 11 to 12 sep 2019
 Wrestling held at c.b.s.e.m nidani 24 to 25 sep 2019
 Kho-kho held at g.c.w jind 3 to 4 oct 2019
 Judo held at k.m. college narwana 3 to 4 oct 2019
 Handball held at g.c.w jind 3 to 4 oct 2019
 N.s. kabaddi held at g.c.w jind 12 oct 2019
 Athletic held at c.r.s.u jind 13 to 15 nov 2019(overall we got 14 medals in athletic)
 1st position in circle kabaddi held at s.d.m.m.v narwana 24 to 25 jan 2020
 2nd position in boxing held at k.m. college narwana 29 to 30 oct 2019
7. All india inter university held at 05 to 07 nov cblu bhiwani 2019
participated :
name class
Bhateri b.a 2nd year
Sanjeet b.a 2nd year
robina b.a 2nd year
8. inter university (north zone) kho-kho championship held at barabanki 22 to 27 nov 2019
participated :
name class
Ritu b.a 1st
Monia b.a 1st
Poonam b.a 2nd
Asha b.a 2nd
Dimple b.a 2nd
Sushma b.a 2nd
sheetal b.a 2nd
9. inter university (north zone) championship held at (19 to 22 oct 2019) shimla.

name class
Kajal b.a 3 rd
Sonika b.a 2nd
Rekha b.a 2nd
Teenu b.a 2nd
Pinki b.a 3 rd
Kiran b.a 1st
bably b.a 2nd
10. inter university north zone(n.s) kabaddi held at
(14 to 17 nov) khanpur (murthal).
Name Class
Badly b.a 3rd
Mansi b.a 2nd
Nancy m.a
Sonia devi m.a
11. inter university all india champainship judo held at lakhnauw(21 dec to 25 dec 2019)
name class
Aarushi b.a 2nd
Tammna b.a 1st
Neetu 2nd
robina b.a 2nd


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