Founder of the College

Founder of the College


Lala Gauri Shankar Singhal is an eminent social reformer, a visionary and a philanthropist. Born at Ujhana in 1923, Lala Gauri Shankar Ji belongs to an aristocratic family. He is a living symbol of honesty, sincerity, and fearlessness. Highly religious minded Lalaji has a strong inclination towards social service. He took an active part in politics and as a member of the legislative Assembly of Haryana (1972-77) he devotedly served the city.

When Lala Roshan Lal realized the need of the upliftment of the woman of this rural area of Narwana by lighting the lamp of higher education, Lala Gauri Shankar ji actively supported him. After Lala Roshan Lal, he whole heartedly adopted all the responsibilities of the college and sacrificed his whole life in cultivating the dreams of countless young girls who wanted to get higher education.

He not merely expounded a philosophy of the need and relevance of holistic education but explored the opportunities to find an oasis of learning. At present, in his nineties, he is fully devoted towards this institution and under his aegis one time small sapling S.D.M.M.V. is touching new heights of the sky. With his active support and guidance the college is progressing by leaps and bounds and has ambitious plans for the future.

– Lala Gauri Shankar Singhal

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